Nights in Sangnam-dong

Sometimes when you’re out walking around your neighbourhood you see people that you just have to photograph.  I feel like this is one of the hardest parts of photography at times.  I find it to be super intimidating to take photographs of people, especially if they are unaware I’m about to do so.  So I decided to change things up and ask permission.

This gentleman was wandering the streets extremely slowly with an incredibly dour expression on his face.  I knew from his outfit that I wanted to take his photograph, so I asked him.  Now, I don’t believe he spoke much English and I don’t speak very much Korean so there were a lot of hand gestures, but as you can see he was very happy to have his photograph taken.

I hope this moment brightened his evening.

Moments like this make me happy that I went out with my camera.  It’s important to take your camera for long walks, they need the exercise.

An Irreversible Ending

It’s been a while since I last posted.  I have been “working” more lately, which has drained some of my energy to pursue photography all of the time.  This is a new and interesting phenomenon for me.  I didn’t realize that I could run out of energy, and sometimes think about not bringing my camera with me.

This shot is one of the first in a long time which have truly been inspiring for me, not because it is a dead kitten.  Rather, that it is something I believe is worth documenting.  This kitten died on the road, and was ignored.  A few hours passed, and it disappeared forever.  No one ever took care of it, helped it, or will miss it.   Now though, you can see it, be hurt by its death, and remember it for a little while.

I don’t know if that matters, it probably doesn’t.  I can only continue to do what I have been doing, the kitten can’t, but we can.

Enjoy your day.

Changwon, Republic of Korea | July 2015